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Jennie Wade House

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Jennie Wade was only 20 years old at the time of the battle. She had gone to her sister's home on Baltimore street to assist her because her sister had just had a baby.  During the battle Jennie was baking bread to feed the soldiers when a stray bullet came through two doors and killed her instantly.  Jennie is the only civilian killed during the battle.  Jennie is buried in Evergreen Cemetery.  Use the links below to learn more about Jennie and her house.


The Death of Jennie Wade


Jennie Wade:  A Tragic Story

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Bullet holes in the door of the house.  The large hole is where the fatal bullet entered the house.


Left:  The second door behind which Jennie was standing kneading bread when she was killed.

Right:  Bread tray that Jenny was using when she was killed.


Standing in the kitchen you can see the exterior door with bullet hole (Left) and the interior door with bullet hole.

The bed had been moved downstairs so Jennie's sister would be safer, but even still you can see the bullet holes in the bedposts and the mantle.  Amazing Jennie's sister and the baby were not hurt.



 Portrait of Jennie hanging in the house.


The moved Jennie to the basement until it was safe to bury her.

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